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The future:

I am currently trying to plan a new 90g tank and am torn on how to start it. The Package is so tempting to try again, but I would also like to try it from scratch and cherry pick rocks and creatures. I have been thinking of maybe doing a half and half. Getting a 45g package to start it which would leave lots of room to add more rock and such later, but one problem is the sand. I have the normal sand in 20# packages, but it is dead of course, but that would not work well because the Package needs its true Live sand to work right without harming the rocks and critters.

Has anyone every tried a mixed approach? Start with Richards live sand, then add more normal sand later? Would it work, and would it even look appealing? Maybe if there was a way to put the Live sand on one side and the plain sand on the other with a slight mixed area where they meet in the center?

Let me know what you think please.


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