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Originally Posted by Indiana Reefin View Post
I am at a loss here. I have a 29 gallon aquarium with
2 small matron clowns
1 small pajama cardinal
1 small twin spot blenny

I am dosing 1.5 tsp of kalk per gallon
I am currently doing a 15% water change weekly
I am using distilled water. I have tested for TDS and I am getting 0 including 0 nitrates.
I feeding around a 1/4 cube of mysis 5 times a week.
I just started dosing Nopox

My nitrates are around 30
My phosphates are around .05

Could the kalkawaser be causing this imbalance? I have heard that it will break down the phosphates and increase nitrates. I know that we are all striving for the 16:1 ratio with nitrate to phosphate. I am way off.
Pleas help me out

I would dose phosphate and observe the tank for a couple weeks. I like to run higher nutrients because the corals seem to do so much better. I wouldn't worry about the redfield ratio just trust your own observations. Remember to make slow changes overtime and don't try to over manage the tank.

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