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Balistoides conspicillum clown triggerfish

The clown triggerfish is a gorgeous fish with a mostly black upper body with white circles on its lower body, with dramatic yellow flashes on its head, lips and tail. This is one of the larger species of triggerfish, reaching almost 20 inches. This fish requires (like other triggerfish) a heavy diet of meaty foods, preferably vitamin enriched to maintain its vivid coloration.

The clown trigger is definitely not reef safe, as it will greedily feed on shrimp and other invertebrates.

This fish is commonly available in the hobby, at prices ranging from $60 on up to over $100. The Red Sea variety seems to be hardier in the trade than other locations.

Triggers appear almost intelligent at times, and the clown trigger is no exception. They have lots of character, and are fascinating for the fish only tank. It is important to keep them with equally belligerent or agressive species, as the clown trigger can go from docile to destructive seemingly overnight. They have powerful jaws that can both crush a crab shell and munch on an aquarist's finger. If you stick your hand in your tank, know where your trigger is

When selecting a clown trigger, the very small specimens sometimes offered are not as hardy as the more medium sized specimens. They are rapid healers, so a torn fin isn't that critical, but be cautious of any that appear to have cloudy eyes or open sores. A thin trigger usually isn't a problem, since they will fatten up with proper feedings.

Just a beautiful fish in the proper setting, guaranteed to elicit oohs and ahhs from observers.


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