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We love this fish. We got one when we knew enough to be able to keep it, but not enough to know that we shouldn't put on in a tank as small as ours. We picked up the 2" trigger for $25 (a big sale at what we now know is not a good store). Then, two years later, we traded the 5" trigger in to a store who made sure it was taken only by someone who has a tank big enough to keep it.

It was in a tank with a volitans lion (also now removed), dominoe damsel, niger trigger, yellow-tail damsel. It was aggressive towards things if they got too close, but it would never go out of it's way to attack something. For example, we would occasionally feed ghost shrimp in this tank. The clown would go after one once, and, if he didn't get the shrimp on that one try, he would give up. Then the niger would hunt it down, incapacitate it, and then the clown would come to eat what couldn't run anymore.

We plan to have one in the future when we both have jobs and can afford a home large enough for one.


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