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Update.My SCS has had 2 more batches of eggs that went unfertal due to lack of a mate.But I added a small one a few weeks ago and the next batch of eggs were fertalized.The shrimp always lays the eggs after a molt and if unfertalized they disappeared in less than 24 hours.I didnt really expect the new shrimp to be a suitable mate because of his small size but the next batch after he was introduced stayed.Tonight my first batch has hatched.I have most of the babys in a small 2 gal tank which I set up for holding them.I also put a few dozen in a 30 gal which is cycled and will soon hold seahorse,a few dozen in a plastic breeder still in the spawning tank and there is still a bunch still swimming free.Its late and I got a lot to do but ill write more tommorow on some of my observations so far.

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