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I found every snail except one Nassarius. I don't think that one could spike my nitrates. I tested for ammonia today and got a reading of 0.25ppm. I don't know but for some reason, I think it's the anemone. The moment I put the two nems in my tank I started getting problems. Well died and the other one doesn't seem to be doing so well either. I can't detach it from its spot and I can't catch the clowns. They; re too smart. As soon as I put a net only near the tank or a plastic container they know what's up. One clown is also extremely aggressive towards me. As soon as I get close to the tank he literally wants to jump out of the water and bite me. It's an extreme pain in the butt to clean the tank with a clown that's trying to bite your arm. At one point I was so stressed I just wanted to get rid of that clown...They are smart enough to understand that I'm about to catch them but they're not smart enough to make the connection that there is no danger coming from my hand. Don't bite the hand that feeds you lol.

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