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The bacteria bloom went away. I keep dosing 1ml every day. Nitrates are down to 20-40ppm. I'm aiming for 5ppm. Once I reach my goal, do I have to keep dosing it, e.g. maintenance dose? I still can't get my head around the fact that I have had such high nitrates probably for a very long time. I skimp on food and the tank is not overstocked. 5 fish in a 40g tank shouldn't be too much for the biofilter. And the rocks, well, I thought about switching them out. I started working at a reef store and today I found a huge container with dry Tonga and Fiji rock. Super white, probably bleached. I think I'm going to grab some tomorrow and then start cooking them at home. Once they're done I'll replace the fake rocks with the freshly cycled ones. I'll also grab some GFO from the store tomorrow. Well, at least I don't need to pay for all those things now. I can also get that phosphate binder.

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