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Hey Ken. Latest seems to work fine.

Just a couple of notes. Every time I click back too much after viewing a graph it goes to the controller page and when I click on the controller it logs in and connects... When will the live tile colored background work if the app is only connected when I am viewing a controller? Is it always connected, but tapping on the controller forces it to reconnect? Just curious on the behavior.
If the live tile background isn't usually going to really reflect the status maybe it would be best to leave out the option so a newby doesn't fail to set up their e-mail/text alerts properly and rely too heavily on that.(or maybe just a disclaimer when people go to set that up)
Just a thought.

One other note. I've had your Ap pinned to my live tile home page, but when I pull left to look at all my apps yours has disappeared off that page. It appears with the last update your ap was re-categorized as a game which really buries it on my phone.(may be different with those with different service providers)
If you have the ability to control which category it falls under I would suggest changing it with the next version.

Again not trying to lay out a list of demands or anything. :-) Just wanted to give you some feedback.


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