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Originally Posted by d2mini View Post
I don't know, maybe Richard will chime in.
But I've seen what it looks like just after 3-6 months. Looks like it has been down there for years. Insane how fast it colonizes in those waters.
He's been seeding pukani for quite awhile now, along with the walt smith 2.1 rock.

I did not realize that Richard had tied in with Walt Smith, another environmental steward of sustainable live rock. I will have to check it out. Growing up as a kid, we used to go out to offshore production platforms in the GOM to fish. They were the perfect structure for a reef to attach to with good cross flow. Because I would get seasick, I would transfer to fish from production platform. I spent more time gazing into the water. Maybe that’s why I am an addicted reefer.

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