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Originally Posted by raphmac View Post
I donít think you can keep more than one dwarf angel in one tank(75g), especially if they are from the same species...
But a flame would be better than a pair of firefish because you have grammas in your tank that would probably harass the firefish to death because of how territorial royal grammas tend to be especially considering the fact that firefish and grammas are both mostly rock-dwellers.
Anyway, whatever fish you choose, good luck...Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I actually have paired dwarf angels (flames, cherubs, coral beauties, Eibl's, and Potter's) several times over the years without issue - one either has to start with 2 smaller females, or one large male and a smaller female (or grab two that have already paired).

Also, firefish use "bolt holes" in the rockwork to escape threats, but they typically inhabit the water column during the day, retreating to the rocks at night. In a 75 gallon aquarium, I doubt royal grammas would pose much of a threat to firefish.

Originally Posted by alton View Post
Pairing Flames is not that difficult. Males have pointier fins and females have more rounder. Look at post by Orion N - Minh he is the expert at creating pairs. Like Zooman72 stated if you can buy a pair go for it
Yep, the problems arise when some try to introduce adult males at the same time or sequentially, and larger dwarf angels are typically males - all dwarf angles are sequential protogynous hermaphrodites, starting out female and transitioning to males with time, growth, and absence of competing males (opposite of clownfish for example, which are sequential protandrous hermaphrodites, all starting out males).

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