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Originally Posted by GTR View Post
We brought in only documented cultured coral from Indo and fragged it further. That was our customers requirement, nothing wild imported and then chopped up. It was all soft coral and obvious it was grown on concrete plugs, not cut, glued and shipped. That supply has not been replaced by other sources.
The ban costs us about 20k/month in gross.
An LFS told me that it is quite common that Indonesian "coral farms" would harvest frags from wild corals, glue them to concrete plugs, "culture" them just long enough to encrust, and then ship them.
And honestly, that's pretty much the only way to offer "farmed" corals at the prices they charge.
Or do you seriously think they have so many mother colonies that they can cut thousands of frags from them to satisfy the worldwide demand?
So, in the end, the only difference is really where the chopping happens...

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