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Hi Natas,

I like to run the system with phosphates about 0,03 ppm and nitrates about 0,3 ppm. That's where I get the best colours and good growth rate.

If you place PO4 resins you will get dinos, that's for sure.
What I do to lower PO4 is toss a little bit of KNO3, just a pinch. Whenever I cannot get PO4 levels down, I know it is just because something is limiting anaerobic digestion and if I dose a carbon source, it must be NO3. Adding NO3 in the form of KNO3 is a safe way of doing away with this limiting element.

This "trick" is working fine, almost four months with no ostreopsis or amphidinium (I had both at the same time...). On my last Triton test I got NO3=0 ppm and PO4=0,03 ppm.

Anyway you have to bear in mind that I am talking about a big 650 Gal (2.500 l) system with about 350 acroporas and many other SPSs and LPSs. They are greedy NO3 and PO4 consumers so it does not mind how much I feed the fish (about 25, half of them tangs), nutrients are always undetectable.

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