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I have 3 anemone in my dt; rbta (1 year old), green haddoni (6 months), and a red haddoni (2 months).

I added a blue haddoni few weeks ago and it died.

At the time, I didn't think too much of it.
Just thought I had bad luck because rest of the anemones were doing well.
Soon, the rbta started to lose color and started to hide in the rocks.
Then the green haddoni started inflate deflate after eating a dead Hawaiian tang.

The red haddoni is the size of a silver dollar, so I can't tell if it's inflating/deflating.
It seems fine and it's eating quite frequently.

Can I do a cipro dip? If so, how? because I don't have a separate tank.
I guess I can go buy one but I don't know if the QT tank condition will be stable.

I have sps, lps, and softies.... can I drop cipro into the dt?

Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks guys!

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