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Originally Posted by slief View Post
As you know, the RD3 80 doesnít have a built in feed mode. Using a controller to shut the pump off daily which is similar to unplugging the pump for feeding is certainly an option but considering that the RD3 is an electronic device with a computer like controller and unlike a typical AC powered up, electronic devices typically are more sensitive to inrush currents and being powered on and off constantly. My best analogy since I am in the computer manufacturing business is this. Think of it like a computer. If you leave your computer running 24/7 itís much less likely to fail than if you turn it on and off every day. Most failures happen when being powered back on and my fear would be that cutting the power to the RD3 every day could potentially increase the risk of premature failure.

While I am not a fan of using feed modes on return pumps because they increase the sump levels which can cause skimmers to overflow and also because the return can help distribute food throughout the tank to the fish and coral, if feed mode on a return pump is a necessity, the better solution would be to use 0-10v control to slow the pump down. That would however require a controller with 0-10v capabilities.
I've honestly never heard of any other pump having warnings about not running a feed mode with.
I would think a higher end pump such as this could take it.

Having been a heavy feeder the last decade or so, and having recently re-started my 240 ( with lots of bare rock ), I plan on cutting back the amount of food I put in the tank, and I want it to stay there. It does no good in the sump.
I have plenty of other flow in the tank ( 48x) so the return pump isn't needed for flow.
I am not worried about the rise of the sump/skimmer etc. Got that covered.

Having successfully stayed away from controllers over the years, what controller would have the 0-10v feature?

240 gallon soft coral tank
50 gallon lps tank
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