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Now, I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last nite..... so your mileage may vary...

But -

My guess is that it is a violation of Federal Law to import, possess, or sell a Blue Ringed Octopus based on the fact that it is a highly venemous animal capable of causing serious injury or death.

Aquaria will falll under zoological.... so

Can you get away with it? Yea.... one stupid LFS did, one wholesaler did, and one idiot got one for $20.

However, all it take is one phone call to the FWS and they will probably fine the LFS, confiscate the specimen, and revoke the wholesalers import/export permit. Frankly, for good reason. My opinion is that selling highly venemous animals is irresponsible. Some things simply belong on the discovery channel, and the blue ringed octopus is one of them. It is definately a look but don't touch animal.

Now, before anyone gets excited enough to do panty orgami...... the OP did not post a photo so this is all conjecture based on an accurate ID by the OP. What's strange to me is that a LFS would only charge $20 to sell something that is highly poisonous and rare. Most LF$ charge more for the strange or poisonous..... just sayin. Most folks in this business know their goodies and it's bit wierd that the LFS, distributor, etc missed this being a rare specimen. There are probably more than a few commercial aquariums and researchers who would have been happy to pay good money for a blue ring. They also would have had the right permits......

very strange indeed.....

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