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Originally Posted by Hotpuppy View Post
Now, before anyone gets excited enough to do panty orgami...... the OP did not post a photo so this is all conjecture based on an accurate ID by the OP. What's strange to me is that a LFS would only charge $20 to sell something that is highly poisonous and rare. Most LF$ charge more for the strange or poisonous..... just sayin. Most folks in this business know their goodies and it's bit wierd that the LFS, distributor, etc missed this being a rare specimen. There are probably more than a few commercial aquariums and researchers who would have been happy to pay good money for a blue ring. They also would have had the right permits......

very strange indeed.....
Blue rings are not as rare as you think you are, I commonly see that at the LA wholesalers, at least a few times a month.

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