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Originally Posted by Joecam View Post
Hello all,

I've recently lost 2 of my fish (silver belly wrasse, red scooter blenny)

They both suffered with loss of appetite, rapid "breathing" (more so the wrasse) very lethargic to no movement/swimming. Then death. No sign of black or white spots, fin rott, missing scales etc

My tank (red sea reefer 250) has been running for approximately 15 months. The wrasse has been in from the very beginning, scooter for the last 6 months.

Parameters are stable-ish
Currently running carbon, bag. Skimmer filter socks and live Rock being only other form of filtration. Dosing sugar when needed.

Other fish which have shown no signs of illness. Tang, algae blenny, royal gramma, common clown. Cuc- cerith snails, turbo snail, strawberry conch

I have a few softies all relatively small /frags (gsp, pulsing xenia, toadstool) and one lps favia.

I do not have a hospital/QT and I know my options are limited and here's the question/s:

1.What can I use to treat my DT tank? Without causing a crash/problems worse than tge original issue. Not really too many options. I would let it be for a while. Feed with selcon to help apetite.

2.Would anyone care to guess what the illness/parasite/ problem is? Not quite my area a expertise

3.Would putting all remaining fish in qt be the best option 100% best option

Thanks for all you help in advance
to continue on this, the scooter probably died from starvation since it the tank is not very seasoned. What is the eating habits of the silver belly? I am not overly familiar with them, but I don't see anything about them not eating well. Another concern would be what kind of tang? That is a mighty small tank (50 or so gallons if I remember right) for a tang and some can be quite territorial and harass others to death.

Actual parameters will greatly benefit this information.

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