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Originally Posted by TokiHacker View Post
to continue on this, the scooter probably died from starvation since it the tank is not very seasoned. What is the eating habits of the silver belly? I am not overly familiar with them, but I don't see anything about them not eating well. Another concern would be what kind of tang? That is a mighty small tank (50 or so gallons if I remember right) for a tang and some can be quite territorial and harass others to death.

Actual parameters will greatly benefit this information.
Thanks for the response

Silver belly wrasse was a good eater, constantly hunting.

Its a yellow Tang (smallest of them I believe), I've been told at full size I will need a bigger tank It was the last fish I added & intend to upscale but waiting on house move.

Temp: 25.5c
PH: 7.8
Salinity: 1.026sg
Alkalinity: 9.75
Calcium: 425

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