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Make of this what you will.

I borrowed a microscope from work to carry out my little experiment with Garlic. I had added garlic to my fish food as suspected my coral goby wasn't looking too healthy. I noticed a reduction of dinos at the same time although any number of other factors could be at play. However, thinking of the medicinal benefits of garlic I ran my experiment today.

I used two identical 'wet' slides. One for the control to make sure they weren't dying due to temperature.

Checked both slides for moving Dino's to one slide I added a small amount of crushed garlic. Within seconds all had stopped moving!

I repeated this three times, on the third time I did try and add the garlic and view at the same time, the Dino's became very active, even those that weren't moving at all. Then within seconds all movement stopped! The controls being in the slide for the exact amount of time were still moving! Even after 20 minutes of finishing my experiment. Other organisms although not many of them all survived some worm like ones, some with legs and some other odd shape translucent things.

My conclusion then is they don't like garlic!
Now wondering how much garlic I can safely add to the tank!

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