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Build Thread: TKERacer619's 600gal SPS Tank

Hey everyone , I finally took the plunge and bought the largest tank I can fit into the house without knocking down a wall! It is a 8'x4'x31"H glass tank made by Miracles. This thread will document the setup and routines of my new system which will primarily be stocked with SPS corals, Angelfish, Tangs, Anthias, and a few Butterflies. Some other hard corals will likely find their way into the aquarium but my plan is to create a non traditional scape of large coral colonies. I find many tanks are loaded with many wonderful corals but they don't have room to grow. I will give them the room they deserve by limiting my selection to a handful of my favorites.

For those who may not know me my name is Mark and I am a Saltwater Aquarium addict... In November of 2012 I was voted Reefer of the Month! I also have a build thread for a 360 gallon reef.

If you want to see what is going on right now in and around the aquarium take a look at the live stream! It's active between 10:30am and 1:00am MST. Camera is an Axis P1365.

Hobby Experience: 9200ish gallons, 26 skimmers, and a handful of Kent Scrapers.
Current Tank:
Vortech Powered 600G SPS Tank w/ 100gal frag tank & 100g Sump. RK2-RK10 Skimmer. ReefAngel. Radium 20k.

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