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Originally Posted by McPuff View Post
Just get a rubber stopper from the hardware store to plug the hole in your skimmer collection cup. That's all I have done. That way, if you ever sell it someone else can make the decision to use it or not.

As for the night mode, it can be disabled by simply not using the light sensor. I would suggest controlling them via apex if you've got one. It just requires you to purchase a harness that would allow for control of 2 pumps. Then you can set it to a night mode yourself. You'll also gain greater control of the pumps themselves. The jebao stock controller only goes from about 40-85%. With apex you can get close to 25% min (don't go lower) and 100% max power. I would honestly suggest you to check out the Selling forum for used Tunze 6105 controllable pumps. Can usually get a pair for $200 - $300. These are MUCH more reliable and will probably last a lot longer too. And if you can get them used, the price difference isn't much compared to new PP20.
Plugs a good idea but i dont know where id get one to fit that tiny hole. Ill check around online or at home depot.

I already ordered one pp20 so im stuck with it haha. Ill look into the tunze, but i figure the pp20s are so cheap that if they break, i could go through 3-4 of them and still spend less than i would for one tunze(unless i bought used like you were saying). I dont have an apex but i want to get one at some point. Just a little too expensive for me right now.

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