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Originally Posted by taricha View Post
Two tiny beakers with dino sand and tank water from the back of my tank (amphidinium) so each had 20 ml.
One I added 10 ml more of tank water (control) and the other I added 10 ml of my sun-treated skimmer "green tea".
I watched them to see who would "win" between the microlife and the dinos.
the dino population didn't change in a dramatic way, but the microlife really continued to progress.
After 72hr update. Today it was a dramatic change.
The control beaker was still majority dinos.
The beaker with the "green tea" added had almost no dinos. I had to take sample after sample to find any at all. The biggest concentration I could find in 10+ samples was this one with 4 whole dinos.

I if the 1 gallon test is following the lines of the beakers tomorrow I might accelerate starting this in my main tank.

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