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Unread 01/07/2014, 12:11 AM   #26
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Mr. Farley, If you are around on this board could you help... I posted this:

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Unread 08/09/2014, 05:21 PM   #27
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Hello Randy.

Just re-read the PH-ORP article for the umpteenth time.

Correct me should my line of thinking be off.

Seems as PH rises, ORP goes down.

Should this truly be the case we can use the PH as an indicator as to what the ORP is.

Would this then negate the need for an ORP meter?

Could the reading of the PH then be used to add ozone?

Me thinks this to be correct.

I have been running in the 7.9 to 8.1 range for some time not getting too worked up about not having a high PH.

This patience has led to a system very low in N03 0.0-0.2ppm(Seachem) and P04 0.00-0.03(Hanna).

Now this only happened due to my indifference to the PH and then discovering your article.

Hardware purchases may need to be examined once again as using one parameter to monitor and control both can be very cost effective.

I do run Bio pellets very successfully with Chaeto fully integrated.

No socks, just a little floss and bag of carbon before return pump chamber.

2.5 system volume turnover.

Cal: 440(API) Alk: 7.4 dKH(Hanna) Mag: 1200(Red Sea Pro)

Now my question: Is using only PH while referring to the above graph adequate to determine ORP in the system?


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Unread 12/12/2014, 07:00 AM   #28
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Hi Randy.
I have a question if I may.
'Can I test a test kit'?
What I would like to know is can I make a solution of magnesium chloride in ro water and expect an accurate mg level for testing.
If so would it be better to use g/ltr or use a refractometer and create a solution with say 10‰ salinity?
Also would this work with calcium using calcium chloride etc.
I have googled the question but didn't find what I was looking for!
I come across your post many times and was thinking you're the man to ask!

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Unread 12/30/2014, 07:09 PM   #29
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You all are much better off posting your questions in the reef chemistry forum. Randy among many other very bright individuals post there daily.

rebuild and recovery log:
No more red house, you'll have to click on my name and visit my homepage!

You can check out my parameters at reeftronics dot net website and look for my username.

Current Tank Info: 180g mixed reef w/ a beananimal overflow to a dolomite RRUGF. | 20g long G. Smithii Mantis Tank
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Unread 03/24/2015, 09:49 PM   #30
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Could you comment on your two part alk component parcipating out at lower temps. Say 40 f? Is the saturation point going to be very different? How about the mag component?

My wife is trying to kick my two part outside and I'm a md not a chemist!!

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Unread 04/09/2015, 09:32 PM   #31
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Hi randy ...ive been having an issue for quite some time now and i can figure out whats going on and y ..i am using a calcium reactor to supplement my alk and calcium to my 450 gallon mixed reef (sps heavy)..these are my numbers
alk 8.3
cal 560
mag 1400
Potassium 390
i cant seam to figure out y my calcium is so high.i check every batch of water change water i have done in the past 3 months ,calcium has never been over 450 with the new seawater .i dont dose any other calcium additives .how could i be so unbalnaced from alk to cal ? ..i was using the reborn cal media ,i just switched last week back to carbi sea media .thinking maybe the reborn was maybe higher in cal ,is that possible? I have also measured my alk and cal coming out of my calCium reactor this is what i got
effluent alk 23 dkh (8.20 meq/l)
Effluent cal 760
also i am running a sulfer based denitrator ,im not sure if that has any effect on anything .any advise would help as me and a few local reefers are trying to figure out y my tanks cal would be so high when my alk has been steady .

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