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Unread 11/12/2008, 05:40 PM   #1
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Quinine Sulfate

After battling ich for almost a year with hypo as well as copper my ich just always appears until I used Quinine Sulfate. I as wondering whats your opinion with this medication as its used to treat malaria and why this medication is not use more frequently in controlling ich. I called the company and he said it kills all stages of ich and not just the free swimming stage and is safe on your biological filter since it kills only protozoas (ich). I'm not sure if a biological filter bacteria is a type of protozoa.

Also do you know if Quinine Sulfate will permeate into live rocks and and sand like copper does?

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Unread 11/12/2008, 11:40 PM   #2
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Quinine Sulfate has been used for 3 decades or more. It is often controlled and hard to get ahold of. It is also not the best anti-malarial med for ick, there are others. You need a high quality one and dosage is critical, as to being effective and causes issues with fish health. It also effects many inverts, so is only a QT drug.

Many fish disease books list it and its dosage. There use to be aquarium companies that sold it but it just sat on selves. In the olden day I use to use only anti-malarial meds. I prefer what I introduced called and named the "Bounce -Method" 2 decades ago, now renamed the "Transfer Method" = no drugs needed and no hypo-treatment.

Lastly, I would not buy what the company tell you, as QS does not always work. There are no real good dosage schemes and especially for seawater. It is a hit an miss drug. Better anti-malarial drugs are Quinacrine Hydrochloride and Chloroquine diphosphate , which are more effective. Other issues are there are different strains of marine ick. Some may fare well with QS and others may not. Same can be said of any "drug" for ick.

Finally, the real means of getting rid of ick without stressing fish is not to try and kill the parasite but to remove the cycle. This done by setting up 3-4 10 gal QT tanks all with the same seawater form the same mix with the same water parameters and moving the fish to the next tank when the fish "appears" to have no ick. Or simply moving them every 2-3 days. This eliminates the parasite from completing any cycle. I have never in 20 years have had to move a fish to a 3rd tank. And 90 % of time just one move. One needs to observe fish here for this move daily and nightly. Ick have a habit of being on the fish mostly late at night and falling off during the early day. But you need to wach so you knowm when this cycle takes palce. At each move of the fish dip it in FW at the same temp for 15-30 seconds moving the net up and down. It is just a rinse is all it is. All this meaning, the 'Bounce-Method /Transfer Method"

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