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LucidGoblin 10/12/2021 06:45 PM

Octopus Tank Conversion
I hope to convert a Innovative Marine 30L Fusion Pro into an octopus tank. I plan to get a 3/4 inch thick piece of glass cut to fit snugly where the stock screen top rests on the rim suspension clips. I will use a suction shower grab bar to lift the glass. I hoping that a 35" x 15" x 3/4" piece of glass will be heavy enough that the octopus can't lift it to get out. (Glass weight calculator estimates about 11 pounds.)
I hope to find a Octopus mercatoris, as it is suggested that a 30 gallon tank will be of sufficient size to house a octopus of this species. (I have over 8 years experience with marine tanks, and I think I'm ready for the challenge.)
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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