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rockslide123 11/18/2017 10:49 AM

Impeller koralia
Does someone still sell hydor koralia impellers?
How can I identify the koralia model without the sticker?

gentledental4u 11/25/2017 12:27 AM

Don't bother trying to contact Hydor USA. They will not help you. I've been trying resolve my issues with Hydor for years. If anything, they have gotten ruder and ruder over the years. I learned my lesson and stopped purchasing any products from Hydor. My last product was a pump purchased December 2016. That pump is no longer working properly after only a few months of normal reefing use.

dendrite 11/25/2017 08:39 AM

Go on amazon. I just took a guess as to the model impeller. Seemed to work

Reef Guy 04 11/25/2017 10:21 PM

If the impeller is blue, it's either a Nano or Koralia 1. If it's black, it will be a little more difficult to identify. Like dentrite said, remove the impeller and try to match it up to one on Amazon.

What is wrong with your current impeller? Only asking because I have a Koralia 1 that stopped working. After disassembly I found a small piece of plastic that attached the magnet to the plastic part of the impeller was broken. I just used a little super glue to glue the magnet to the impeller and it works good as new. Quick fix saved me $20. Just be careful not to glue it to the metal rod it spins on or seal the hole that the rod passes through.

rockslide123 11/29/2017 09:19 AM

The current impeller swelled somehow (i have no idea how) and cracked.

dendrite 11/29/2017 01:49 PM


Originally Posted by rockslide123 (Post 25288054)
The current impeller swelled somehow (i have no idea how) and cracked.

they all do that eventually

Tek_Diver 02/09/2020 05:35 PM

I bought them on Amazon in the past.

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