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alazo1 01/09/2022 10:43 AM

Vermetid snails and selling frags
My 120 is riddled with these things. However they are not be the type that puts out the net that annoys sps. Not even sure that they are vermetid snails. They do however grow on the base of colonies.

I wanted to prune my tank and sell frags that are cut above the base of the colonies. It appears that it would be safe, meaning that it would not introduce them to other's tanks, but wanted an opinion.

I put this question on the local forum but thought I may get more response from here.


Anemone 01/09/2022 12:16 PM

IMO, vermetid snails are not something to worry about in the frag trading/selling world. Planaria, red bugs, aiptasia, majanos, colonial hydroids - those I'd worry about. Vermetid snails, not so much.


alazo1 01/09/2022 02:01 PM

Thank you

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