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gzimmerman 06/12/2014 04:28 PM

Gas Bubble Disease or Crustacean Assault?
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I was searching the forums and came across DanU's excellent posts on treatment of Gas Bubble Disease, but wondered if anyone had witnessed GBD from trauma? Trying to confirm what happened.

I have a 25G well-established nano (3 years) w/ a mixed reef in my office. About 2 months ago on impulse I added a small (6") white pipefish species from a LFS that they'd had in their reef system for a long time w/o problems. I added to my tank and seemed to be doing great, eating resident copepods and I feed juvenile brine shrimp every other day. I only have a chaulk bass and a yellow-head jawfish in there so there isn't that much pressure on the micro food supply.

So, one day the last 1/2" of the tail looked a little different and then I noticed gas bubbles. My question - I have an emerald crab and a peppermint shrimp. Is this classic GBD or could this be a result from one of my crustaceans? I'd like to this is isolated or I'm going to have to assess my WQ in my system.

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