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rafini 01/09/2022 12:37 PM

Low tech LED for a 48
Good day Reef central!

I am planning on converting to saltwater later this year, just beginning to do my research. The first part of the plan is getting a suitable light.

I have kept a reef around 15 years ago and have since been keeping fresh. I would like to convert my aquarium towards the end of the year so I have plenty of time for research.

I have a wet dry sump system that you guys here helped me plumb into a herbie so I will have to add a protein skimmer also.
I like having live rock, hermit crabs and snails but I am not particularly interested in corals. Nothing beyond mushroom softies and easy low tech beginner stuff.
So I will not be needing a high output light.

Here are my criteria:

1. Ships to or available in Canada
2. Lower price preferred, not looking for anything fancy I can always upgrade if my needs change.
3. Is there a benefit to 36 vs 48 if I am not planning on having many corals (see above)

Please let me know what you recommend!!

Thanks and have a great day,

Is there any benefit to going 48 or could I use a 36 long ?

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