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mms_citrus 07/15/2021 11:33 AM

the eel on the prowl

mms_citrus 07/28/2021 12:53 PM

New skimmer came in yesterday. Bubble magus curve 9 elite. Got my dosing pump installed. Carbon dosing is back up. Iíve always used vodka. Iím gonna try vinegar this time. I go to the grocery store way more than I go to the liquor store.

mms_citrus 07/28/2021 12:53 PM

Reef_Paddy 12/17/2021 09:50 PM

Any updates? Its been a while...

mms_citrus 01/03/2022 01:46 AM

Iíll have some pics upcoming. Iím working on the sump. I reused my old sump to get up and running and because I ran out of money basically. Iím building the new one now and hope to have it completed next week. I changed my lighting out. I donít know if I posted that or not. Iím adding apex leak detection to my setup. Itís on order. Iím probably gonna get a new skimmer. Just bite the bullet and buy somethingÖ..expensive lol. This bubble magus is pretty wild. Itíll flow a couple quarts one night. Flooded my living room this evening. Not like end of the world but a couple gallons. I have the skimmer draining into a 3 gallon container. Normally takes a couple weeks to fill up but it went wild tonight. I thought I had it tuned but I donít know anymore lol. And Iím not real happy with my return pump. Bash Jebao products all you want but Iíve run a jebao return pump for like 7 years. Never had a problem. Ran one for my downdraft protein skimmer for same timeframe. Never failed. So I upgraded to one of the newest models variable speed and all that, the old ones were variable speed also, and I have lots of display tank level issues now. Running the same full siphon 1Ē drain and 1Ē emergency that Iíve always run. Every couple days Iím adjusting the stupid drain gate valve. So Iím probably gonna replace it and revamp the plumbing when I do the new sump. The livestock is doing really well. My snowflake went on a food strike and decided to eat some fish. Ate my royal gramma that I had for like 8 years. Found the front half of my baby floating on the bottom. Gills still pumping. I almost broke the reef down then and there to make some eel tempura rolls. Bit half my mandarins head off, had that fish like 6 years. Would eat pellets and everything. Iíll never find another like it. I tried everything with thatíll, rotten mfer. It was like 3 months before he ate ďnormalĒ food again. Heís back to eating all the foods he used to and is mostly leaving the fish alone. I see one missing a piece of tail every once in a while but thatís been kind of standard in this tank for the last 5 years lol. I took out my urchins and tossed them into the fuge. I donít know if they still live or not. Prior to this rebuild I never kept any sps. I think they were eating it. One night half of my encrusting corals got eaten. Iím vodka dosing like I do. Nitrates are down around 3. I donít really bother with any other tests. They always read pretty much 0ish. Iím fighting some, what I classify as, excessive algae growth. Green hair on the rocks. Grows on the glass pretty fast. Seems like itís a faster growth rate than I remember. I figure itíll work itself out. Iíll roll some updates out over the next few weeks

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