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Originally Posted by liverock View Post
Hiyo Reef Central!

Madelyn & Jocelyn here, we are blessed to continue the amazing TBS legacy pioneered by Richard. While now officially retired, he is busy showing us the ropes and sharing details that will ensure TBS will continue supplying the finest live rock on the planet!

Here is a great introductory article written by Jake Adams...
Hey I'm famous! That was my first ever dive video. How embarrassing. I've got a lot better at underwater video since then.

I owe it to Richard for getting me motivated to get certified. Sitting on the boat while he was down below was all it took. Screw that! I want to be down there.

Congrats on your new adventure. I need to give Richard a shout and wish him well on officially retiring. If you girls ever need someone to help or maybe let me make a new, much better video, let me know. All the best.

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