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Originally Posted by AquaManGuy View Post
Hello, long story short i believe i caused my mantis shrimp stress during the molt and it may have died.

Im starting to see a kind of white film looking thing cover its body. I want to take him out but im not sure if he is actually dead or just being super still.
Sorry this happened to you. I would take him out at this point as he is almost certainly deceased. How did you cause it stress? Death during a molt doesn't always mean the owner did something wrong. Mantis shrimp die during a molt in the wild just like they do in the aquarium. It's the most vulnerable time for them. Sometimes things just don't go well. Of course it's still a good idea to leave the mantis alone, stop doing WCs, etc...

Mantis shrimp are the best!

Current Tank Info: 20L Peacock mantis shrimp tank
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