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Originally Posted by mikale44 View Post
Hello! After almost 2 years Iím upgrading my tank to 420 gallon tank. My current fish and the new ones will be:
Black Tang
Gem Tang
Koi Tang
Purple Tang
Goldrim Tang
Naso Tang
16 Anthias
2 clownfish
2 bluethroat triggers
Melanurus Wrasse
Flame Angel
Potters Angel
Mystery Wrasse
Spotted Mandarin
Blue Flasher Wrasse
Flame Hawkfish
Mckosser flasher wrasse
Midas Blenny

I still have my DC 200 but I donít know if itís too small. Iím thinking of upgrading to Supermarin 200. What are your thoughts on this? Should de DC200 still enough?
Iím also considering the Supermarin 250 or the Deluxe 200. Please your advice. Thanks everyone

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