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Alright people, i'm back up and settled in Townsville.
I haven't been out to the reef yet, at least for diving, but i have been wandering around on the JCU uni research vessel.
My tank has been rebooted, and is coming along nicely.

This year i've got a fisheries science class, so we went out on the boat to test the BDO's (bycatch reduction devices) for prawn trawling.
I've attached a couple of photos from that trip, bear in mind that all the sharks, rays, sea snakes, etc that we caught were released. The rest were bagged and taken back to the labs (except for the prawns which were eaten .

Hopefully i should be diving again by the next weekend, so stay tuned for more photos from the GBR.

My old clowns from last year (i traded them in while the tank was being re done)


Now THIS is a prawn! These are from the research trip on monday.

Little shark (was released unharmed)

This is the JCU research vessel, custom built for the uni.

My new tank set up (sorry for the dodgy photo, i only took it a minute ago so i will post better soon)

The research boat (R.V. James Kirby) was rented out for 4 months recently for a movie. "Fools Gold" is shot all on board the uni boat (they hadn't got round to painting the 'Reale Thing' name off the back of the boat when i was out on it). Just a curious fact.

Anyway, i will be posting new tank shots soon, and there should be more UW reef shots by next week.

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