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Originally posted by Big E
I had the same problem with the colors........definately a nutritional issue. The past month I lost 2 females at the 5 year mark.

I won't get these again as 5 years isn't a long enough time for me. I want fish that last 10+ years.

Cyclopeeze is so small how can it make a diffrence? I've occasionally fed it but never on a consistent basis. Other than a treat I can't see how fish can get much from it. Maybe it has the punch a vitamin has for us humans?
Cyclopeeze is an excellent food for anthias, it remains in the water column for extended feeding times so what it lacks in size is made up for in quantity.
The cyclops offered by H2O Life is brackish water, as is their mysis shrimp which is great for marine fish. Shrimp in general will enhance color.
I'd also suggest New Life Spectrum pellet foods and some Aquatrol spirulina flake food.

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