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Thanks for creating this thread very informative.
I have a 300 Gallon tank that is 10' x 2' x 2' and currently have a mixed reef that will be SPS dominant. I have the canopy set up on linear actuators that can be raised up an extra 2 feet when needed.

I purchased a 4 MH Light systems from fellow reefer who had them on his 10' x 30" x 30" 540 gallon tank (he decided to move to LED for heat issues ). I know that 400Watt on a 24" tank is a bit overkill.

Two of the ballasts are the switchable 250watt/400watt Lumatek ballast, one is a vertex and the other is a Galaxy.
I am running the Radium B (20K) bulbs.

Before reading your thread I didn't know how important the ballast were. Is running 3 different ballast really bad?
Should I look to purchase two more of the Lumatek ballast? Below are the specs for them?
Lumatek 400 Watt 120V/240V Multi-Wattage Ballast
Dimmable Electronic Ballast
Dual-Voltage - The only E-Ballast with the same light output on 120V or 240V
Multi-Wattage Powers 250W, 400W and HQI Lamps
The Super Lumens setting on the 400 Watt Ballast provides 10% MORE Light!

Last question is recommendation on supplemental lighting when using these radium bulbs ie: Actinic , VHO or blue LED's ?
A local shop using Radium 20K recommend the Reef Bright Actinic Blue LED for the supplemental. What are your thoughts on supplemental lighting?

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