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Problem with coloration in Anthias


I have a shoal of lyretail anthias, Pseudanthias squamipinnis, in my 700 gal reef system. They have been in the tank for several years but gradually their colouration has changed from the bright orange of the females and purple/pink of the male to a dull 'dirty' shade of their respective colours. General health seems fine though.

I'm certain that it is a nutrition issue. I feed my tank several times a day vith a variety of foods including my own home made mix of blended seafood and Ocean nutrition Prime Reef flake and Formula Two pellet. The rest of the tank occupants show excellent health and colouration, especially my powder blue tang. Tank also has a large refugium attached stuffed with caulerpa and a DSB.

I have over the past week started to feed much more frozen food such as brine shrimp, mysis and krill in an effort to add more pigment to their diet.

I would be interested to know what foods other people have used to increase the colouration of their anthias. I want to get their bright colours back before I purchase more to enlarge the shoal.

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