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IMG_2604.jpgIMG_2607.jpgHello everyone
I have always had a bad experience with zoas but have always loved them. My colony of zoas have been in my tank for a month and still haven't opened up. Someone mentioned to me that they might be in to much light. They came from very little bleu led light but were fully opened. They have lost a lot of color. My water is in check and many of my other corals are striving. I do not have a calcium or magnesium test kit but i add supplements each week and go to the fish store and they say its ok. It is in a 90 gallon tank with coralife 4 t5 (2 bleu) lighting and towards the middle top. It is on the same level as a torch which is fully opened all the time if that helps. If anyone has any insights on what I should do please help. I think they might be getting too much light.
Thank You

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