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Originally posted by NeveroddoreveN
That really wounds like the place to be. The nearest SW LFS is about an hour away from where I am. What are the main differences in the hobby in Europe compared to the U.S?
I have very limited experience of the hobby in the US since I have only visited on salt water shop there (in Manhattan). Unfortunately (for us!), prices are much higher in Switzerland than in the US. Apart from that, it seems fairly similar. I think that RC and other internet forums have had a great impact here. The different "cultures" on the two continents are not as different any longer. "The Global Village...."

Just got a message from a friend (that has been plagued by red slime for an extended time period) that I provided with a Collospongia frag. The frag has started growing and he has observed a significant reduction in the amount of slime in his tank.

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