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Hey peeps came hear for the reasons as many lol BIG THANK YOU to Giga for the knowledge. I have a 150g DT recently re established with 40g sump where I’ll be adding my red mangroves. Luckily I live in Florida so my mangroves are also free lol �� I was at the beach in Jupiter and walked around the lagoon and picked up about 50. For now I have them in a Home Depot bucket with fresh water. Since I was worried about nítrate for growth I’ve added a bunch of leaves and decomposing leaves to help. My tank has been running for about a a little over a week now with 3” substrate and plenum setup and dry rock. I will be leaving the mangroves in the bucket maybe for months till roots start to grow and then slowly acclimate them to salt. All in all am I doing this right? Lol any help would be appreciated.

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