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Re: Collospongia Auris vs Cyanos

Originally posted by subarcticreef
For a long period of time my tank has been plagued by red cyano in corners with limited water circulation. When I introduced a Collospongia Auris the cyano disappeared overnight!
Recently I had the opportunity to discuss sponges with an academic scientist specializing in sponges. He mentioned that several photosynthetic sponges have a symbiotic relationship with cyanos that grow within the sponges. That made think about the possibility that the Collospongia-associated cyanos may compete with the free-living red cyanos. Therefore, addition of the collospongia may caused the red cyano to disappear.

Are there anyone else with a similar experience? Would be fantastic if a Collospongia colony could be "the cure" for red cyanos.
Did you introduce the Sponge to your tank or to your sump, just curious.

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