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Originally posted by ctenophors rule
if you doesed a cyano killer like red slime remover, would it kill the cyano that lives symbioticaly with the sponge? also, to "test" your theory, why not add some cyano from a locals tank and see what happens?

come on......inm the name of science! i will subscribe to this thread if you do.
That collospongia has symbiotic cyanos is -to the best of my knowledge- not a hypothesis but an established fact. so, if the collospongia cyanos are sensitive to the cyano killer they will die 8together with the sponge)

Your other experiment is interesting and I have actually already done it. But I guess that is -in a way- like shooting on sitting duck. My tank did not contain any red slime and therefore it is reasonable to assume that the conditions for cyanos are not right. So, it is not surprising that the slime from "the outside" disappeared.

But I have provided a friend with a collospongia frag and it will be interesting to see if his slime disappears.

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