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i'm glad to hear the hobby is prospering there. i realized reading your response that my description of the zuerich LFS was pretty much like most philly LFS at the time... 20 years goes by very quickly! and so much has changed with our hobby. i just hope the current economic downturn doesn't crush it. my personal experience is 3 friends who've shut their systems down vs. just one who's decided to set his first up.

if this sponge is such a potent cyano killer on immediate introduction, and is so invasive that it's not a good long term inhabitant, then perhaps it would be a good thing to just move a frag around local tanks with cyano blooms. sort of like having a roaming bergia crew locally to eat aips (we've got some folks trying to establish that here). anything natural to combat recurring nuisances would seem preferable to dosing your tank with something like boyds, like a few folks with older systems make part of their routine.

your cyano problem sounds like it was pretty minor, not a big bloom, so it'd be interesting to hear what the sponge does to a major breakout.

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