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I do not prophylactically FWD them. Often clams are stressed with change, FWD would certainly void any warranty, but more importantly decrease their survival in time of stress like that.
I QT them and treat if needed. For corals, anemones, and clams QT, I set up a 40 gal reeftank that is running all the time until I finish "acquiring mode".


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Current Tank Info: Reboot 320 anemones reef. Angels: Yellow Chest Regal(2), Flame (2). Copperband But. Tangs: Yellow, Purple. Wrasse: about 20 wrasses various species. Anemones: Giantea X4 (Breen, Blue, Purple and Multicolors), Haddoni X1 Red, Magnifica X1 Purpletip
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