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I like some green water in the beginning to ensure my copepods and bbs are as nutritious as can be and to help with the ammonia. BUT.... You have to be careful with green water.

An unaged green water can just be a source of ammonia and pollutants. Are you using an f/2 formula or 'homemade' substitution? Secondly If the water gets too dark and the light isn't on it can drop dissolved oxygen and ph instead of increasing it. I have had some green water that seems to not darken up often times I have ciliates, rotifers or certain bacteria contamination which impacts the green water.

When I use green water I use it very sparingly and I use it after it has aged. As far as fertilizer I use an f/2 solution (but I still age it) or I use hatching water from my bbs which ends up making a really nice dark algal solution and since I decapsulate my eggs (which is a bleach process) I don't really end up with contamination form the eggs.

My contamination comes from air born rotifers LOL> Those little suckers seem to get into all my algae eventually. My tigger pods seem to be able to infiltrate my bbs hatcher as well. And they love themselves some bbs.

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