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Originally Posted by five.five-six View Post
Not to derail into a PV discussion but.....

That is an amazing system, really large for residential in my latitude. I just completed a 7.5KVA system wit 26 panels that is predicted and on track to make 13.5MWH/A but we have some of the best irradiance on the planet in my area.

I know those roof mounts you are using are quite expensive. What cost more, the mounts or the modules (panels) that are on them? And 30MWH/Y? Are you running Halide lighting? Electric heat? Thatís a lot of energy.
I think powering a reefsystem is much a value added discussion as about the tank and inhabbitants itselves.

Indeed you are lucky with more sunlight making your system perform optimal throughout the year.
The modules are more expensive. I choose these flatfix fusion mounts from esdec because of the quick mounting system. Diy would have cost me much more in material and time to mount it all.

happy DSR reefer

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