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Orchid dottyback Fridmani Breeding

Hi All,

I have a SPS dominated reef tank 18 months old and know I want jump into next step in hobby and try some breeding at home

I have breeding Orchid dottyback
Actually I have seen this couple laying eggs by accident as my rock aqua space has so much caves one day by luck I see some eggs.

Anyway, I read what I can find from internet to learn what is breeding setup and how to feed etc (trust me not much information around)

Now I have in hand phtyo and rotifer. I have egg thumbler rearing tank and grownup tanks (empty now)

Below is a egg tumbler for mainly used Cichilid egg I hope it will work to thumble Orchid dottyback eggs too

From below picture you can see I put a pvc pipe and a tap behind with a small hole and other end completely open. Breeder couple hangout inside it but they spawn again in cave. But this time a bit deeper inside which will make things complicated. I am not sure how to suck the eggs to thimbles without fail. I will use big hose in first try however big hose will have big air sucky job power and eggs would be defected. We will try and see

Here red mark shows the cave where eggs laid

Here is the eggs batch #1 spawned 22.02.2020 probably between 14:00-16:00 and photo from next day 23.02.2020 11:00 am

I read lots of posts male is not experienced enough catering Eggs and they eat eggs day 2-3. This is what I observe in last batch which I did try to pull out as my setup was not ready.I am planing to observe and if I see egg count getting less I would try to take eggs and if successful would first try if tumbling till hatch day. (4th day)

If I need to remove the egg ball I am not sure if I need to run tumbler in main tank or rearing tank.

There are lots of question marks about how to handle all these but all suggestions very welcome

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