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Originally Posted by ReefSultan View Post
Thanks for your reply and great suggestions.
Do you remember if you used enriched BS as well ? I read lots of people they max grow till 20 sounds like diet you are correct one of my friend also tried enriched BS but that didn’t worked as well..

I think I choose difficult species to try breeding but that’s what I have now in my hand


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I didn't enrich the brine shrimp nor the rotifers. That should definitely help.
Today I would also focus more on copepods like Tisbe and Tgriopus as food for the larger larva.

While I wasn't successful in raising the fridmani I managed to raise a number of Marine Bettas. But that was before the brine shrimp egg quality from the Great Salt Lake took a nose-dive in the early 90s.

Pairs: 4 percula, 3 P. kauderni, 3 D. excisus, 1 ea of P. diacanthus, S. splendidus, C. altivelis O. rosenblatti, D. janssi, S. yasha & a Gramma loreto trio
3 P. diacanthus. 2 C. starcki

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