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6 th dph

Things not going perfect

I can’t see so many larva like before very limited like 20 max..same as yesterday

I did water change and measure salinity
I didn’t top off tank and salinity was 1.031 I did water change with water from my main tank and reduced 1.026 yesterday
Btw bubbles were staying on the surface and thought this is sign of high ammonia

Maybe salinity change increased deaths
I am not sure about larval tank parameters

Most bad news is! This is second day of new spawn and couple breed in some other
Place in tank which I could not find yet..male sleeps in a rock which last breed egg ball
Placed he still sleep there but no egg ball. He mostly in one of the pvc pipes I put in but no eggs there I have big problem to find this place but I guess where it is as male go always this new place

Also larval tank rotifer density is really high (for me) as I put it it water it get clears pretty fast I am not going to add phyto till reduce the rotifer population as I worry about Oxygen in tank also even I have mid level air in tank with air stone

Here is the rotifer population in larval tank

In summary salinity swing.maybe too much light, too much air or low developed frys end up with high mortality

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