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Thursday, oktober 14, 2021 - #panoramareef - the esthetics (tryout)
Drill holes into the doors which serves as handles and placed magnetic doorlocks. Also experimenting with frontpanels for the looks of it.

The panorama reef is built in between. The emphasis here is that it must remain fun.
The "moments of inspiration" must come together. That is why we sometimes jump from one subject to another.
What makes it more complex is that I can't fill the panoramareef in one go as long as the DSR1200reef is positioned perpendicular to it, because of the maximum floor load.
Also the bad weather and the shorter days make it more difficult to keep on working.
Normally I like working in the garden when the weather is nice.
But everything is progressing steadily and the end result I am working towards is becoming visible.
Note: Keeping a diary/report from the beginning is meant as a reference for myself. It is especially easy to read back how you handled things in the past and how you could possibly improve in the future.

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